Glee Recap: The 5 Things That Happened At McKinley That Could Happen IRL

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Ok, so here was our thought process as we watched last night’s Glee episode, “Mash Off.”“Eh, we’re bored. Oh, great song! WTF just happened? Ugh, Santana’s a biotch. Oh, another great song! Whoa, Finn, way harsh. OMG, Adele!!!”

Yup, that pretty much sums it up. We’ll still give you a recap of the episode (arguable the best thus far of the season?), but instead of telling you the 5 most unlikely things that happened as we usually do, we’ll tell you the likeliest. Yup. The ep was that good. Keep reading!

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1. The fight between Sue and Burt’s election is heating up, and getting kinda ugly. We kinda love how Sue made a commercial that was basically all lies about Burt, not gonna lie. But we also love how she told Kurt that he has to stand for something during his run for Senior class President…
2. Rachel takes herself out of the race for Senior class President. In the most unlikely Rachel Berry move ever, Rachel resigns as a competitor after hearing Kurt’s moving election speech and how he wants to ban bullying and games like dodge ball at McKinley. Was it Rachel’s way of being nice, or Rachel’s way of getting Kurt to like her again? Not sure, but not complaining either way.
3. Meanwhile, Puck still has a major crush on Shelby. We’re not so sure how we feel about this whole hot for teacher thing, but we do know that we love how amazing Puck is with Beth, and how he’s kind of going against Quinn when it comes to sabotaging Shelby so they can get their baby back. Heartbreaking moment, though? When Quinn stops by Shelby’s house to see the baby (and to ask to join the Troubletones) and she tells her she doesn’t feel comfortable having her around her daughter anymore. Yikes. But speaking of Shelby…
4. Shelby and Will talk about upcoming sectionals and decide to start some friendly competish between their two glee clubs, assigning each one a mashup to do. New Directions sing two Hall and Oats songs since they’re a group that stood together, like New Directions, while the Troubletones sing Adele. But the Adele performance was extra special and emotional because Santana sang it…


5. Right after she found out that everyone else found out that she’s a lesbian. Basically Santana was being mean to Finn throughout the entire ep (and that game of dodgeball), and to get back at her, he exposed her in the hallway by saying she was a lesbian. Apparently a student overheard the whole convo and told her uncle, who made a video exposing Sue Sylvester for annointing a lesbian as her head cheerleader. And how can we forget Santana’s epic slap in the face to Finn? A very historic Glee moment, for sure.

Ok, so what thoughts were running through your head while you watched the episode? Did you think Finn was out of line for outing Santana? Do you think Kurt will win the election? Will Quinn be mad at Puck for conspiring against her with Shelby? Tell us everything!