7 Times Fan-Favorite Characters Lost Their Virginity on Glee

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During Glee‘s six-season run, the word “groundbreaking” was used to describe the show, like, all the time. While many TV series had done one-off musical episodes, the Fox hit paved the way for the success of future small-screen successes like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Smash and Empire, which all held music at their center. The dramedy was praised for its approach to bullying, school shootings and LGBTQ+ issues such as coming out, homophobia and gender dysphoria.

The show that made a point to focus on the REAL issues affecting teens today also had something to say about embracing your sexuality and the choice to have sex for the first time. Not only is there an entire episode called “The First Time” where two highly-shipped couples decide to do the deed, but one of THE BEST musical numbers on the whole effing series is the rendition of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” during season one.

A lot of the characters on Glee lost their virginity long before the pilot episode, but still there was no shortage of those special moments during its time on air. Check out the gallery below to see the 7 times a fan favorite character swiped their v-card!