O-M-Glee! The Gleeks Have Another Original Song And It. Is. Awesome

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Remember when New Directions wrote, sang and performed their own original songs at Regionals? Us too. We could never forget that amazing, slushy-throwing rendition of “Loser Like Me.” And now, for Nationals, the gleeks are pulling out all the stops yet again with another original song, this time called “Light Up the World.” It’s just as upbeat and catchy and addictive as the other song and, let’s be real, we’re pretty sure it’s gonna help them win Nationals…

Click to take a first listen!

Just click on over to RyanSeacrest.com to hear the song!

What do you think of the original tune? Do you prefer when the gleeks perform covers or their own songs? Do you think they’ll win Nationals? Tell us in the comments!