O-M-Glee! Get All the Deets on the Upcoming “Born This Way” Ep!

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Remember like, 8 years ago, when we told you that Glee was doing an episode featuring Lady Gaga‘s “Born This Way” and that the episode will be called, um, “Born This Way?” Yeah, that’s happening. And it’s happening in a major way. And even though Gaga herself won’t be on the ep, the April 26th episode still has plenty of other stuff going for it…

Glee is a great show… the cast is very cool. I would love to do a guest spot one day.”

– James


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According to TVLine.com, the episode will be 90 minutes. 90! Instead of 60! That’s probably because one hour isn’t enough time to fit in all this awesomeness about self acceptance:

–Lauren will run for prom queen (against Quinn, perhaps?!), going against the usual prom queen stereotype.
–Rachel contemplates getting a nose job. No, Rachel! Don’t do it!
–Karofsky will deal even more with his sexuality. Do we smell a Karofsky/Kurt/Blaine love triangle in the works?!

Oh, and the episode will end with a huge performance of “Born This Way”, of course. Are you excited for the supersized ep? What do you hope happens? Leave your thoughts in the comments!