11 Times Glee‘s Klaine Flawlessly Achieved All of Your Relationship Goals

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Like most people, the relationship that I had with Glee was a complicated one. I watched the first, say, two-and-a-half seasons with the unbridled enthusiasm that only a 16-year-old who believes that her bit part in the school musical is a sure indicator of a successful future acting career can. But then, as my theatrical dreams faded, so too did my love for Glee. The musical numbers that had once seemed so fresh and inventive grew staid and Sue Sylvester’s and Rachel Berry’s constant histrionics alike slowly but surely began to grate on my nerves.

The one element of the series that never grew stale for me, however, was the relationship between Kurt and Blaine (Klaine, if you will). These two were pretty perfect throughout the course of the show — even after I stopped watching it, I kept up with the ups and downs of their on-screen relationship (and not just because I might be low-key in love with Darren Criss). I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in loving the Klaine relationship either — check out the 11 times they totally achieved all of your relationship goals:

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