Aw! The Gleeks Shout it Out with Glee (Via Twitter) On Chris’ and Jane’s Wins!

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Clearly us gleeks weren’t the only ones crying out with uh, well, glee last night as they called Chris Colfer‘s and Jane Lynch‘s names as the winners in the Best Supporting Actor and Actress categories. The cast was just as excited as we were! After the shock set in and the tears dried up, Cory Monteith, Amber Riley, Jenna Ushkowitz and the rest of the Glee cast Twittered their reactions to their co-stars’ wins, and, well, we couldn’t have put it any better ourselves.

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Click on to see the gleeks’ Golden Globes tweets, plus tons more pics of the Glee winners!

Jenna Ushkowitz:
@ijennaush Holy sh-t. @Chriscolfer just won a golden globe. So deserved best. Night. Ever.
@ijennaush Jane lynch, are we surprised? She’s freakin amazing 🙂

Amber Riley:
@msamberpriley #fckyeah @chriscolfer! You deserve it baby! OMG! Aaaaaaaaaahhhh! So proud of you! *tears*
@msamberpriley Yay Jane Lynch!!

Harry Shum Jr:
@iharryshum CHRIS COLFER!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!
@iharryshum Jane Lynch everybody!! Congrats!!!!

Mark Salling:
@mark_salling Big ups to @chriscolfer for his golden globe, 20 years old, so incredible, so proud of you

Kevin McHale:
@druiddude Omgomgomgomg CHRIS COLFER!!!! love u buddy!
@druiddude Jane bloody lynch!

Naya Rivera:
@nayarivera Chris Colfer+golden globe = Best. Day. Ever.
@nayarivera Jane too! Let’s hear it for Glee!! Congrats lady J

Dianna Agron:
@alittlelamb Chris Colfer has won!!!!!!! So amazing!

Cory Monteith:
@frankenteen Chris Colfer wins the golden globe!!!! yaaaayyyyy!!!! go glee!
@frankenteen Jane Lynch winnnnnssssss yeaaahhhhhh!!!!!

Lea Michele:
@msleamichele What an amazing night last night! So happy for @chriscolfer & Jane & our show! It was such a beautiful night! Xo

Chris Colfer:
@chriscolfer I can’t believe it. I’m not sure how much my shaky hands can tweet, but thank you so much! Couldn’t do what I do without you guys!