Glee Recap: The 5 Things That Happened at McKinley That Wouldn’t Happen IRL

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Santana Glee Constant CravingIn case you couldn’t tell from the title of the episode, Glee‘s “I Kissed a Girl” was all about the ladies. And, well, more accurately, all about Santana. Ms. Lopez showed off her voice, her spicy attitude and her emotional side in this ep, and we’re kind of more in love with her than ever. But Puck, Kurt and even Bieste got a little time in the spotlight, too…

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Read on for our recap — and the things about the ep that we thought were awesomely ridiculous — below!

1. Finn and Santana are all of a sudden besties after that whole little slap incident that happened last week. He even tells Figgins that Santana didn’t slap him so that she can still compete in sectionals and not get suspended. Since when is he Mr. Nice Guy? But we gotta admit, we did kinda love Finn’s attempt at bringing New Directions and the Troubletones together by singing songs that would empower Santana’s coming out. And how freakin’ amaz was his acoustic version of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?”
2. But coming out for Santana wasn’t as easy with her fam as it was with her friends. She goes over to her “abuelita’s” house to tell her that she likes girls, and her grandmother kicks her out and tells her she should’ve kept her feelings a secret. This part of the episode felt so real and legit, and we kinda cried right along with Ms. Lopez. Santana Coming Out, Glee
3. And in other relationship drama, Bieste admits her feelings for Cooter, the football scout, but is devastated to find that he’s now dating Sue Sylvester since Bieste was “uncommunicative.” Fine, this love triangle does seem kinda legit, but what doesn’t? Sue throwing their relationship in Bieste’s face. That’s just plain mean. Noone does that.Glee Bieste Love Triangle
4. Quinn wants to make “another perfect baby” with Puck because they gave up Beth. Um, does Quinn realize she’s still in high school? WTF? But apparently Puck took that intimate moment with Quinn to confess that he and Shelby kind of, um, have a thing, which became even more blatantly obvious after he serenaded her with “I’m the Only One” in class and after Shelby called Puck when Beth had a medical emergency. Seriously, this whole thing is just weird and creeping us out.Quinn and Puck on Glee
5. Rachel rigged the Senior Class President election so Kurt would win, not realizing that it actually kinda helped him lose. Long story there. But while Britt is celebrating her victory (and Burt is celebrating his for Congress), Rachel is commiserating with herself and the rest of the glee club since she got suspended and, here’s the kicker, can’t compete in sectionals because of what she did. Which basically means New Directions is gonna lose. Yikes.

What was your fave/least fave part of the ep? Feel bad for Santana? Think Rachel will somehow find a way to compete in sectionals? Tell us your opinions in the comments!