It’s Official: Glee’s NYC Nationals Episode is The Biggest. Episode. Ever.

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Ya know how we’ve been talking for what seems like months about the final Glee episode where they go to Nationals in NYC? Well, it’s gonna be HUGE. How do we know? Because The Hollywood Reporter is featuring the gleeks on their most recent issue, discussing just how huge the NYC episode is. Huge in cost, huge in production, huge in songs, and, of course, huge in drama. Can May 24 come right now, please?!

Click on for deets on the mag and the supersized episode!

According to THR.com, the May 24 ep will include a solo song from Matthew Morrison, a Broadway duet between Kurt and Rachel, a guest-stint from a famous Broadway actress, and tons more. Get more deets, plus a play-by-play of the four day NYC shoot — at THR.com!

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