Ranking the Glee Guest Stars by Level of Awesomeness (including Skylar Astin!)

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Tumblr (Billboard)

Tumblr (Billboard)

Glee‘s trying really hard to get on our good side. After featuring a (former) hottie of Pretty Little LiarsBryce Johnson a.k.a. the now-deceased Detective Wilden — on the Season 5 holiday episode, “Previously Unaired Christmas,” word got out that there will be another Teen dude on the dramedy — Skylar Astin!

Darren Criss posts on Instagram, “Me, @ChordOverstreet & @SkylarAstin… And a #DramaticSelfie for you all. So glad to have our buddy Skylar on #Glee!” That’s triple the hotness!

So, we felt the need to acknowledge 12 of Glee‘s most notable celebrity cameos/guest stars (because if we did ’em all, we’d be here all day), and rank them from worst to first. Join us in the gallery below, and make sure to list your personal favorites in the comments!