Glee-For-All Friday: The 10 Most O-M-Glee Stories of the Week!

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Falling a bit behind on your Glee goss? We’ll forgive you just this once and let you in on our Glee cheat sheet, a roundup of the biggest stories about the folks at McKinley High. What went down on the Bieber episode? Which hot gleek is posing shirtless this time? Click for all the deets!

1. Get an EXCLUSIVE first listen of the gleeks (and especially Heather Morris) singing Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok”!
2. Turns out Darren Criss’ character, Blaine, is actually bisexual! Yes! We totes have a shot with him now.
4. But no matter what his sexuality, Darren looks so hot in these pics from Out magazine. He’s shirtlesss, FYI.
5. Chord Overstreet is officially the hottest Justin Bieber ever.
6. Want to relive the Glee/Bieber magic? Check out the episode recap of “The Comeback!”
7. But what did Justin Bieber himself think of the episode?! We know!
8. Is Glee really better than Elvis Presley? Vote!
9. They may not have won a Grammy award the other night, but the gleeks did win for Best Dressed. Lea Michele especially.
10. Speaking of awards, the gleeks got totally jipped at the Comedy Awards! Only one nom? We demand a recount.