Glee-For-All: The Most O-M-Glee Stories of the Week!

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We’re slowly inching closer and closer to September, which sucks because it means back-to-school, but which is awesome because it also means back to McKinley! And so it’s no surprise that this week we got tons of Glee season 3 spoilers, including shocking news of a Glee graduation (!) and romance news involving one of our fave gleeks. Missed some of it? All of it? Well shame on you! And read this!

Click for the most Glee-worthy goss of the week!

1. In major spoiler news, Ryan Murphy revealed that the gleeks will graduate in May 2012! Does that mean all our faves are leaving after next season?!
2. This week we debuted our very first episode of The Click Clique! And our very own Janet Krupin had a thing or two to say about the Glee graduation…
3. And in other spoilers, we also found out what’s in store for Season 3. No guest stars, lots more music…and a love interest for Sue?! Get it all here!
4. Cory Monteith also revealed some deets about what’s next for Finchel. He’s sorta vague, yet still adorably cute in this interview.
5. And speaking of adorably cute, the Mini Warbler is back! You must watch him sing “Raise Your Glass.” We’re dying of cuteness.
6. What was Matthew Morrison doing before he hit it big on Glee? He was on a show called Plea and another called Flee, obviously. This hilarious vid explains.
7. And one lucky contestant on The Glee Project will make it big on Glee, too! Could it be Samuel Larsen? We hope so, because he’s super cute in this exclusive interview.
8. Summer is the time to catch up on all our fave TV shows since, like, there’s nothing new on. Is Glee the show you could watch a marathon of…on repeat? Vote here!

What was your fave Glee moment this week? Are you shocked by the graduation news? Tell us in the comments!