Glee-For-All Friday: The 10 Most O-M-Glee Stories of the Week!

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Oh, hey gleeks, remember when the cast of Glee literally invaded New York City this week? We’re not complaining (nor could we forget) that they were spotted at Times Square, Central Park, Lincoln Center and 5th Avenue filming the season 2 finale. But we’re also still giggling with excitement about the episode that aired this week. Ya know, the major “Born This Way” one?

From our adorbs interview with Darren Criss to episode recaps, click on for all this week’s Glee goss that you might’ve missed!

1. Monday started off with the gleeks hanging out in Times Square. Wonder what Finchel was filming there…
2. Then, Lea and Cory took to Central park to film some more. And is it just us or does it totally look like they were filming a wedding scene?
3. And while hitting up the Big Apple, the gleeks stopped for lunch breaks and were surrounded by the paps. But isn’t it nice to know that Lea Michele and Naya Rivera eat from street vendors, just like us?
4. But enough about the plot! What we really noticed during #gleeinnyc week were the outfits Rachel Berry wore. Which one is your fave?
5. But let’s not forget that despite all the NYC hooplah, there was a new episode of Glee, ya know. Did you predict everything we did in the “Born This Way” episode?
6. And from the one-liners (thanks, Santana) to the songs (OMG, TLC!), the super-sized ep was one of our faves. Catch up with our episode recap!
7. And while you’re at it, make sure to re-listen to all the songs from the episode too. A million times over.
8. Oh, we almost forgot. Darren Criss performed on Ellen with the Warblers and, yeah we’re pretty much in love.
9. And then we interviewed Darren at his album signing and he really was kissing and telling! Does he think Lea’s a better kisser than Chris Colfer?!
10. Next week’s episode of Glee is a Fleetwood Mac tribute, so you’re def going to want to learn the songs right about now so you can sing along. Good thing we’ve got all of them right here!

What was your fave Glee moment of the week? Highlight from the “Born This Way” episode? Tell us in the comments!