Glee-For-All Friday: The Most O-M-Glee Stories Of The Week!

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We hope you got your Glee fix in this week, because, dear gleeks, this week was the season finale. That means all summer long we’re going to have to go without new Glee eps and we’re not so sure how we’re going to survive it. But lucky there was enough goss to keep us entertained, from exclusive Charice deets (she’s back for season 3!) to Dianna Agron‘s rumored new boyf!

Missed anything? Click on to catch up on all things Glee!

1. Did you like the “New York”-themed finale of Glee? The ep was “eh”, but the performance of “I Love New York?” So good. Watch it again here!
2. And make sure to read our full recap of the episode too! That Finchel kiss, Nationals, Charice’s return…
3. And speaking of Charice, we think it’s pretty much official that Sunshine will be back for season 3. Find out what she had to say about Glee in this exclusive Q&A!
4. We’re so sad that Glee is on hiatus all summer, but at least there’s the Glee concert to hold us over, right?! And we’ve got the full set-list of the shows right here!
5. And Dianna Agron seems to have a busy summer ahead of her. First a Glee tour and now a rumored new boyf?! Find out who Dianna Agron is dating!
6. Perez Hilton is hosting the first annual Glee Music Awards and it’s so hard for us to choose winners! Who are you rooting for?!

What was your fave Glee moment of the week? Did you like the finale? Tell us everything in the comments, gleeks!