Glee-For-All Friday: The Most O-M-Glee Stories of the Week!

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Who says the week is uneventful without new Glee episodes? Not us! Ok, maybe we’ve said that once or twice, but this week we were OK with the fact that there was no new Glee because we had tons of other gleek goss to hold us over. Like spoilers from the “Born This Way” episode (!) and a super hilarious video of Matthew Morrison aka Mr. Schue before he was famous. And by hilarious we mean embarrassing.

Click for all the goss you missed!

1. Have you heard the Warblers singing Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know?” No? You need to rightthissecond.
2. In other Warblers news, they may be getting a spinoff!. Darren Criss spills the deets.
3. This week we got the best. Glee preview. Ever. Take a first look at the upcoming “Born This Way” episode!
4. What did those gleeks do before they were famous? Well, Matthew Morrison was in a “gay boy band.” This video you’re definitely gonna wanna see…
5. If Cory Monteith didn’t play Finn, which Gleek would he want to be? Again, another must-watch video…
6. Ashley Fink aka Lauren Zices is one hot commodity. Watch as these two dudes compete to be her date to Glee prom!
7. Teen.com March Madness has ended and — duh — Glee was the winner! No surprise there, right?!

What was your fave Glee goss this week? We wanna know in the comments!