Glee-For-All Friday: The Most O-M-Glee Stories Of the Week!

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Glee FTW! Well, New Directions FTW, really, but Glee was awesome this week, was it not? And so was all the goss surrounding our fave show, between those amazing original songs and the tons of spoilers we got.

Miss any of that this week? Or all uh, all of it? Click on for the most O-M-Glee stories of the week!

1. In case you missed it, New Directions won regionals! Get more on the episode with our recap.
2. And how amazing were the original songs that they sung? We’ve got all the lyrics to ’em. Feel free to sing along.
3.The gleeks attended PaleyFest, this huge event in their honor, and obvs they gave us tons of spoilers. Kurt and Blaine as Prom King and King, anyone?!
4. And at that very same event, Naya Rivera and Jenna Ushkowitz wore very similar outfits. But who wore it better?
5. Speaking of Naya Rivera, there’s more Brittana coming up! At least that’s what Heather Morris told OUT magazine…
6. But Santana could still date a guy, too. Would you rather see her date a guy or a girl?
7. And who else is dating guys? Kurt and Blaine! How adorable was their first kiss?
8. Lea Michele’s still on Glee (phew!) but she’s filming a movie, too! And we’re pretty sure her character is nothing like Rachel Berry.
9. Also unlike Rachel Berry? Working out. But Lea does looks adorbs in this workout vid for Nike, eh?

What was your favorite Glee moment of the week? Share in the comments!