Glee-For-All Friday: The 10 Most O-M-Glee Stories Of The Week!

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This week in Glee goss we had a super sad “Funeral,” but amazing news otherwise — Charice will sing at Nationals! Finchel might get back together!

Miss any of it? All of it? Click on for the most OMGlee stories of the week!

1. This week’s episode of Glee was pretty sad, but still? SO GOOD! Recap Glee “Funeral” here.
2. As for next week’s episode, “Nationals?” We know it’ll be just as amazing. For one, Finchel sings a duet…
3. For two, they’ll also be singing an amazing New York-themed mashup. Listen here!
4. For three, they’ll be singing Usher, too! Well, New Directions’ competition will be singing it at least…
5. For four, Charice will be there! And we’ve got a first look (and listen!) to her Nationals debut!
6. Speaking of Charice, she could win an Emmy! Do you think she deserves a nomination?
7. And, in other news, do you think Vanessa Hudgens deserves a guest stint on Glee too? She totally wants one.
8. Brittany may be kinda dumb, but Heather Morris? SO smart about healthy eating. Check out her interview in Women’s Health!
9. And you must see these super hot pics of Darren Criss in GQ. Um, have geek glasses ever looked hotter? We think not.
10. Wanna see the gleeks in concert? Um, duh! Enter to win a pair of tickets right here!

What was your fave Glee story of the week? Did you like the “Funeral” episode? Tell us in the comments!