Glee-For-All-Friday: The Most O-M-Glee Stories Of The Week!

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We’ll be honest, gleeks — the Glee news is majorly lacking no thanks to no new episodes and that little thing called a summer hiatus. Bummer. But despite the lack of new eppies, the show’s stars are still keeping busy outside of McKinley..

Click on to find out what Chord, Chris, Lea and a cute little wannabee Gleek have been up to this week!

1. In what just might be the cutest video we’ve ever seen, this Mini Warbler is definitely giving Darren Criss a run for his money. Check out the unbearable adorableness!
2. Forget a solo album. Lea Michele wants to go into acting! And what could her next movie project be, exactly?!
3. And while Lea’s acting, Chris Colfer will be writing books! He signed a two-book deal for children’s fantasy novels. Can’t wait!
4. Chord Overstreet and Taylor Swift may or may not be dating, but here’s what we do know — they starred in a hilarious skit for the CMT Awards. And P.S., Chord’s wet and almost shirtless.

What’s your fave Glee goss of the week? Did you survive without a new episode? Tell us in the comments, gleeks!