Glee-For-All Friday: The 10 Most O-M-Glee Stories of the Week!

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We are so happy right now to have Glee back in our lives. You too, right?! And our fave little show came back with a major bang this week with “Night of Neglect.” And it’s only going to get better (and way bigger!) next week with the epic “Born This Way” episode!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. What happened in the world of Glee this week? From The Warblers’ album release to Charice‘s big return, click on for the best Glee goss of the week!

1. This week, the Warblers very own (and very first!) album got released. Stream the whole thing right here!
2. And to promote that album? Darren Criss and the Warblers performed on The Today Show. Annnnd we want him even more now.
3. Who had the best solo on this week’s episode, “NIght of Neglect”? You know you wanna vote…
4. And speaking of best solos, watch Charice aka Sunshine’s version of All By Myself” again and again and again!
5. Who’s looking forward to next week’s supersized “Born This Way” episode? We are! Max Adler aka Karofsky spills the deets on the epic ep.
6. Plus, we got a first listen of New Directions singing “Born This Way!” Listen to it right here.
7. And while you’ve got your headphones in, watch this adorable clip from next week’s episode of Blaine serenading Kurt before he leaves Dalton Academy. We don’t know about you, but that would totes make us wanna stay…
8. And in other couples’ news, will Will and Emma ever get (back) together? Matthew Morrison‘s got the scoop!
9. We knew Heather Morris aka Brittany had a great bod, but in these pics from Esquire magazine? Wowza.
10. And just as amazing as Heather’s bod is Amber Riley’s voice. You must watch her cover of Adele’s song right this second.

Did you like this week’s episode? Looking forward to next week’s? Spill it in the comments!