Glee-For-All Friday: The Most O-M-Glee Stories of the Week!

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Phew! We did it! We survived another week without a new ep of Glee. But thankfully we had tons of goss about our fave glee club to keep us tied over until mid-April when new eps return. Like, ya know, spoilers on the epic “Born This Way” episode, deets on Kurt’s return to New Directions and…wait, is Charice not coming back after all?!

Find out all this and more in this week’s Glee-for-all!

1. Do we think the Warblers are sexy? That’s not even a question. And so is their cover of the classic Rod Stewart song.
2. Spoiler alert! Kurt is officially returning to McKinley High. And these pics prove it!
3. Spoiler alert again! We got all the deets on the epic “Born This Way” episode. And it’s gonna be awesome.
4. Oh no! Is Charice aka Sunshine being replaced? Say it ain’t so!
5. And wait. Is Sam getting kicked out of his house for being gay?!
6. Speaking of gay, Darren Criss (who’s straight IRL, BTW) performed “Teenage Dream” at Perez Hilton’s bday party and looks a little, um, drunk. What do you think?!
7. Glee is down to the finals in Teen.com’s March Madness tourney! Have you voted yet?!