And Now, Even More Gorgeousness (And Quotes!) From The Gleeks in Marie Claire

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We were just about finished ogling over the gorgeousness that is the Glee girls on the cover of Marie Claire, and then we got even more on the girls in the mag. More pics, juicy quotes, just all-around awesomeness. So obvs we had to share them with you so you can obsess along with us!

So click through to check out even more gorgeous pics and our fave quotes!

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On the craziest rumor Dianna’s heard about herself: Everybody is convinced that Lea and I are in a relationship. There are supposedly forums with photos of us hugging at work or events. It’s funny, but flattering — Lea is beautiful. Since when can’t you hug your friends?

On Amber’s real-life Kurt: Kurt! Chris Colfer really is my Kurt. That’s my baby. Having his character at that other school — Dalton Academy — this season is driving me up the wall.

On Lea’s love prediction for Rachel: I think people want her to be with Finn. And I love working with Cory so much. He’s my buddy. The other day we did a scene, and my direction was to look longingly at him as he walked away. And I’m looking at him … looking … looking … and he starts making fart noises off camera. And I’m like, “What are you doing? I’m supposed to be in love with you? Are you crazy?” So thanks, Cory, for that.

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