Tonight on Glee: “Furt” Gets Married!

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We know we complained yesterday about how there’s no new TV on this week due to a little holiday called Thanksgiving, but we take it back. Even though GG, 90210 and Vampire Diaries are all repeats this week, Glee is new, and that’s really all that matters, right?

On tonight’s episode, called “Furt,” (Get it? Finn + Kurt?), Finn’s mom and Kurt’s dad get married, Sue’s mom (played by comedic genius Carol Burnett) comes for a visit, and Kurt has to make a very important decision. Could it perhaps be that he has to choose between Dave and Blaine?

Check out the song-list — plus pics! — from tonight’s new eppie!

“Ohio” (from Wonderful Town) – Jane Lynch & Carol Burnett
“Marry You” (Bruno Mars) – New Directions
“Sway” (Michael Buble) – Matthew Morrison
“Just the Way You Are” (Bruno Mars) – New Directions

Are you going to watch tonight’s episode? Which song are you most excited to hear? Sound off now!