Glee-For-All Friday: The 10 Most O-M-Glee Stories of The Week!

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Whoa, lots happened this week on the Glee front. We had that teeny tiny prom episode, spoilers from the remaining two episodes (someone’s gonna die! NO!), and a solo album release from one of our fave glee clubbers. So, wanna revisit all the amazingness?

Click on for the juiciest Glee goss of the week!

1. Ya know how the Gleeks sang “Friday” during prom? Show producer Ryan Murphy explains why, exactly…
2. Speaking of prom, a lot went down on the episode. Make sure you’re all caught up with our episode recap!
3. And is it just us or did Rachel Berry’s prom dress look exactly like Hailee Steinfeld’s Oscar dress? Come on, the resemblance is uncanny!
4. We also got tons of spoilers this week. For one? Someone’s gonna die in an upcoming ep! Jenna Ushkowitz spills the sad, sad deets.
5. Also, we found out just how huge the episode where New Directions goes to Nationals in NYC is gonna be. Here’s the deets!
6. And speaking of Nationals, Charice will be there too! YAY!
7. And just like at Sectionals, the gleeks will sing an original song at Nationals, too. Take a listen to “Light Up the World” right here!
8. In other music news, Matthew Morrison aka Mr. Schuester came out with his very own solo album. Are you going to buy it?
9. Oh yeah, AND? Mr. Schuester will sing a song off that album during nationals.
10. And since the gleeks are now on a filming hiatus for the summer, Dianna Agron is taking advantage by chopping off all her hair! What do you think of her new haircut?!

What was your fave Glee moment of the week? Your fave one-liner from “Prom Queen?” Spill it all in the comments!