Glee Recap: 5 Things That Happened at McKinley That Would Never Happen IRL

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So, was Glee‘s “First Time” as good as you thought it was gonna be? We’re gonna go with a big resounding no. Maybe that’s because the supposed “sex scenes” were a lot shorter than we expected (legit not even the five final minutes of the episode) and, ya know, showed more kissing than full-on sex. We get that is it public broadcasting, but come on, people! But let’s stop talking about sex for a minute and talk about the redeeming parts of the ep. “West Side Story” was pretty good, right?!

And now, as per youge, check out 5 things that happened at McKinley last night that would never happen IRL:

1. Blaine and Kurt go to a gay club…with really fake IDs. First of all, it’s so out of character for Klaine to do just about anything fun different. But all of a sudden Warbler Sebastian comes in and totally changes them? Nu uh. Secondly, those IDs to get into the bar weren’t even a little bit realistic looking. And third, Karofsky, who we haven’t seen all season, just happens to be hanging out there on the same (week) night as Kurt and Blaine? Sounds legit.
2. A football scout from Ohio state comes to McKinley and falls in love with Bieste. That’s fine. That’s realistic. Butch girls need lovin’ too. But we sort of have a problem with the fact that the Coach didn’t like Finn and thought he hit his “ceiling” in football. He’s the team’s MVP! If he doesn’t want to recruit Finn, who does the scout want to recruit?!
3. Artie getting suddenly all sentimental. We think it’s random enough that he was the student director of “West Side Story,” but then he had to pull the “I’m in a wheelchair so directing this show is so special to me and thanks, guys” shpiel. And on top of that, him trying to hook Coach Bieste up with the football scout was random. That is all.
4. Rachel wants to have sex with Finn so that Maria feels more “real”. Yes, experience prob does make you a better actor, but we wish that whole part of the episode didn’t happen and that Rach just wanted to sleep with Finn because she loves him. All of a sudden her character wasn’t a virgin so she decided she didn’t want to be one either? Uh, that’s so not how it should be, guys.
5. Blaine wants to sleep with Kurt for the same reason that Rachel does with Finn. And we’ll say it again — sex should be about love, not getting it over with to get more experience (yes, we’re preaching. Deal with it). Of course, both couples end up doing the deed after, ya know, a climactic fight and a touching reconciliation, but we think the whole thing would’ve been way more romantic (not to mention realistic) without all that drama.

But PS, let us just add that we loved how the songs of the musical juxtaposed Klaine and Finchel’s lives. Love. Good job, RyMurph.