O-M-Glee! Are Cory and Lea Filming Wedding Scenes In NYC?!

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Filming Glee looks like the most fun in the world. Especially when you get to wear pretty dresses and tan in the spring weather and, ya know, hang out with Cory Monteith. Today, aka, like, an hour ago, Lea Michele and Cory were spotted filming in NYC’s iconic Central Park and they look kind of like, well, kind of like they’re in a bridal party or something. That bright blue dress? That bouquet? An updo? Come on.

Any guesses on what kind of scene Finchel was filming in Big Apple?

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Do you think they really are in a wedding? Or could those be their outfits for nationals and maybe Finn is trying to win back Rachel’s love with some gorg flowers? Tell us your predictions in the comments, gleeks!