Glee-cap: Everyone Makes Out, Gets Drunk, and Regrets It In the Morning

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So? Was the Rachel Berry house party trainwreck extravaganza as good for you as it was for us?! Last night’s episode of Glee, “Blame it on the Alcohol,” could not have been more appropriately titled. And watching the gleeks and Mr. Schue get really drunk? That could not have been more entertaining.

“I would want to do ‘Tracks of My Tears’ by Smokey Robinson on Glee

– Mike Posner

Can’t remember what happened last night? Let us recap our 5 fave moments, shall we?

1. In order to find some inspiration for her song writing (since her song called “My Headband,” uh, kinda sucked), Rachel decides to throw a house party while her dads are away on vacation. It’s basically one big makeout fest once the drinks start flowing — Artie and Brittany, Tina and Mike, Santana and Sam and, oh yeah, Rachel and Blaine! Which makes Blaine think — bing! — that he actually could be bisexual. Kurt gets jealous, blah blah blah, and after Blachel share a date, they both realize he’s actually 100 % gay. Phew.
2. Meanwhile, Blaine wakes up in Kurt’s bed the next morning and Kurt’s dad is uncomfortable with them being “inappropriate” in his house. Sorry, Kurt, but we are so on Team Dad here.
3. Bieste decides to take Mr. Schuester to a Western bar, where they share a duet (yes, Bieste sings!) and a tiny little smooch. And Will was so drunk when he got home that he drunk-dialed what he thought was Emma, confessing his love, but he actually called — you guessed it! — Sue Sylvester. Yikes.
4. To promote alcohol awareness month, the glee club performs Ke$ha’s (or, as Principal Figgins would say, “Ke-dollar-sign-ah”‘s song, “Tik Tok” in front of the whole school. Britt and Santana even puke during the performance since they were still hungover from the weekend. Eeks.
5. Then, in true Sue style, she plays Mr. Schuester’s drunk voicemail over the loudspeaker so the whole school — Emma included — can hear how much he actually still loves her. Good thing Figgings though Schue’s drunk dial and the gleeks’ throwing up was all part of the act. Phew. That was a close one.

Do you think Emma and Will will get back together? Do you think last night’s episode handled teenage drinking responsibly? Tell us below!