‘Glee’ Preview: Kurt and Blaine Duet! Will They Finally Seal The Deal?

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We know, we know, Darren Criss can seriously sing, as proved here, here and, oh, here too. But add in a little holiday cheer to that sexy voice of his and, well, we’re converting to Darren Criss-ism. On tonight’s episode of Glee, the much-talked-about Christmas episode, “A Very Glee Christmas,” (ya know, where Fintana might be the next Finchel?) Blaine and Kurt stay warm and fuzzy while singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” and we coincidentally, get all warm and fuzzy too. Um, cutest almost-couple ever?

But will warm and fuzzy lead to kissing between the two lovebirds? Check out Darren Criss’ take on the kiss, plus the cutest duet ever!

Darren opened up to E! Online about the scene, below, that everyone’s talking about:

“[Not kissing] is the greatest part about it. It’s this wonderful dance—dancing that fine line which ultimately is more enticing than the actual thing.But isn’t it sweet? I thought it was really well done and cute and really sincere. I think Chris sounds so wonderful on it.”

Uh, we agree! Now, onto the vid! Click below to watch the super sweet duet between Kurt and Blaine, and tell us below what you think!

And PS– Check back tomorrow for our Glee-cap and tons of pics from tonight’s episode!