Glee Recap: And The New Directions Win Regionals!

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Ok, anyone cry during Glee last night? No? Just us? Because between Quinn’s meanness to Rachel, Rachel’s heartfelt performance (and speech) and — spoiler alert! — Blaine and Kurt’s adorbs kiss, let’s just say we wish had more than just one box of Kleenex on hand. Sniff Sniff.

So, what else went down on “Original Song?” Click for our 5 fave moments!

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1. Quinn has her heart set on being Prom Queen, and she knows she’ll likely only get the crown if she gets back together with Finn. So, to get on Finn’s good side, Quinn befriends Rachel and they agree to write songs together for regionals — until Quinn’s true colors come out and she makes Rachel cry by telling her she and Finn will never be together again. Too bad Finn actually likes Rachel more…Awkward.
2. In order to blow away the competition at regionals, Mr. Schue finally agrees to let the kids write their own songs. After failed (and hilarious) attempts by Mercedes, Puck and Santana, they finally agree to sing the inspiring anthem “Loser Like Me” and Rachel’s heartfelt ballad, “Get it Right.”
3. Meanwhile, at Dalton Academy, Blaine and the Warblers are deciding on what songs they should sing at the competition, but get distracted when Pavarotti, Kurt’s bird, dies. After Kurt sings an emotional rendition of “Blackbird” in Pavarotti’s honor, Blaine gets really touched and realizes his true feelings for Kurt, finally giving him a kiss! As if we weren’t waiting for that forever.
4. And once its established that Kurt and Blaine like each other (Yay!), they agree on what songs the Warblers will sing at regionals — a duet between Blaine and Kurt — “Candles” — and a group effort to Pink’s “Raise Your Glass.” They didn’t win (New Directions did, obvs), but Blaine reassures Kurt that they did win because they found each other. Aw.
5. After the New Directions’ well-deserved win, Mr. Schue says he’s going to name an MVP after every competition — and gave Rachel the first honor. She made a super adorbs speech and they all ended in a group hug. Even Quinn. Kinda.

Do you think New Directions deserved to win regionals? Do you think Finn will choose Rachel over Quinn? Tell us in the comments!