Darren Criss: 10 Things You Should Know About Glee’s New Kid

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Darren Criss is the name on everyone’s lips… especially Kurt Hummel‘s. Newbie Darren made his Glee debut as Blaine, the first real love interest of everyone’s favorite soprano, but you won’t believe what role he originally tried out for. We have that answer, plus nine more things you need to know about Glee‘s newest rumored-regular.

Oh, and we already know what you’re wondering: is this hot new choir boy gay or straight in real life? We have the scoop on that, too.


1. Darren Criss first auditioned for Glee nearly three years ago — for the part of Finn! We think the role of Blaine is a much better fit.


2. Darren Criss says he has “always been a ho-hum random guy.” Uh, we disagree completely… and think his humbleness makes him even more adorable.


3. Darren Criss has a production company with his best friends. Also, he’s a Ray-Ban model. Okay, not really, but he totally should be based on this photo alone.


4. Darren Criss’s brother Chuck is a member of the Freelance Whales, an indie band whose music has appeared on “One Tree Hill” and, um, “Chuck.”


5. Darren Criss’s EP, which has received 5 stars (based on over 500 ratings!) on iTunes, was recorded in his bedroom.


6. Darren Criss has covered “every Disney song of all time” and has posted many of them on Youtube, but he’s “kind of embarrassed by them”.


7. Darren Criss’s hair is naturally really curly. Like, really, really, really curly.


8. Darren Criss is the star behind Youtube sensation “A Very Potter Musical” and the equally-popular follow-up “A Very Potter Sequel.” Together, the vids have garnered over 25 million views.


9. Darren Criss is smart! He has a degree in performance and acting from the University of Michigan.


10. Of his sexuality, Darren Criss told Vanity Fair, “It even got to the point where, later in life… I had all the components in place. I was, well, not super effeminate, but I was into girly things–I liked musical theater, all the stereotypical things. I had to come out and say, well, I’m sorry, but I think I’m straight. And people were like, say it ain’t so! And I would say, ‘It’s been a secret too long, but I’m actually a straight male.’”

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