O-M-Glee! Which Gleeky Couple Breaks Up in Season 3?!

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GleeOh no! Looks like the giant love sesh in New Directions is falling apart. We already know that Chord Overstreet “transferred” out for the upcoming season, leaving the whole Sam/Mercedes thing behind. (We’re sure she’ll do just fine, though.) But now, we gotta say goodbye to another Glee couple. We all know Rachel spent a majority of last season trying to win Finn back, but could they be on the outs again? Then again, Blaine and Kurt could be torn apart by their two different schools and rival glee clubs. Ugh!

And the couple to break it off in Season 3 is…

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Pizes! That’s right, the intimidating twosome that is Lauren and Puck are calling it off. According to TVLine:

Ashley Fink’s screen time will be drastically reduced following the season premiere, which finds her character, Lauren Zizes, abruptly quitting New Directions and breaking up with Puck.”

Poor Puck. We’re sure he’ll be heartbroken for a day, but he’ll probs move onto some new Cheerio or exchange student by mid-season.

Did you guess that they would break up? Which is your fave Glee couple? Klaine? Tike? Tell us your picks below.