12 Glee Characters Who Ruined Their Relationship by Cheating on Their S.O.

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Oh, Glee — a once great project, but it had a long history of attempting to take on serious issues… and failing miserably. Dyslexia, gay bullying, texting and driving, transphobia, a school shooting, eating disorders, sexual assaults — all of ’em were topics of discussion that were brushed off on the Fox television series. The better thing to do would’ve been to take on less issues, and to develop them more thoroughly, but whatever.

Or, an even better idea, the dramedy could’ve focused more on those important topics and less on one of its go-to plotlines: cheating. Obviously, a good cheating scandal makes for great TV. Talk about DRAMA. When Quinn got pregnant with her boyfriend’s best friend’s child — *oof* — that was cinematic gold. However, there can be too much of a ~good~ thing. Like, there are at least 12 characters from the Lea Michele-led show who ruined their relationship(s) by cheating. We could’ve done with less of those, you know? That seems like an awful lot, don’tchya think? Here, let us remind you of all of ’em for reference: