6 of Your Favorite Characters Who Emotionally Came Out on Glee

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When Glee first premiered in 2009, it was everything and everyone loved it! But as time went on and the storylines got crazier and crazier, people couldn’t help but roll their eyes; even the most diehard Gleeks had to admit that the way the show handled some serious issues was effed up to the max. But even though Ryan Murphy’s creation missed the mark on a lot of topics, one thing it seemingly always got right was the issue of coming out.

McKinley High’s glee club preached acceptance and self-love, so the Fox hit fittingly touched on sexuality from early on and didn’t stop until the sixth and final season. Between students emotionally coming out as gay and a teacher transitioning from a woman to a man, Glee was able to address struggles that thousands of people deal with regularly.