Where Are They Now? The Cast of One of Your All-Time Favorite Series, Glee

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Glee Cast Where Are They Now


Starting way back in 2009, loyal fans of the FOX series Glee (a.k.a. Gleeks) tuned in each week to watch their favorite members of William McKinley High School’s glee club cover some of their favorite songs (and, of course, they tuned in for the drama, too). But now that it’s been several years since the show ended, some of our all-time favorite cast members have gone on to do some amazing things post Glee!

NGL, we don’t think there will ever be a time that we won’t miss watching the incredible dynamic between the cast play out on the small screen, but we have to remember that the hit musical TV series was only just one fraction of each of their incredible careers. Nowadays, former Glee cast members have gone on to star in Broadway musicals, blockbuster films and many other TV series as well. That’s right! If you’re wondering what your favorite Glee stars have been up to since the show ended back in 2015, take a look: