7 Times Drama Between Glee Cast Members Happened OFF Screen

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Glee was all about the drama! No matter what you felt about the show, there was no way you’d be bored while watching. There were SO many intense storylines, some of which were more realistic than others, but as it turns out, things were just as wild off screen. Okay, so maybe there weren’t physical fights or slushies being thrown IRL, but the feuds the cast members got into off camera were pretty effing intense.

As much as Gleeks tried to focus on their love for McKinley High School on the music, life lessons, etc., it was hard not to be overwhelmed by all the scandals that went on throughout the course of the series. Even though those issues should not be overlooked, we’re focusing on the Glee cast feuds this time around. To see which of your favorite McKinley High alum did NOT get along outside of the show, keep reading.