Major Spoiler Alert! Epic Hookups, Breakups and Shakeups on Glee!

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We’ve never been this excited for Super Bowl Sunday ever! Just two more weeks until the second half of Glee debuts post-playoff game, and the jaw-dropping spoilers are already making us wish we could just fast-forward the next 17 days.

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Do not–we repeat, do not–read on if you don’t want to know who’s breaking up and hooking up when Glee (finally!) returns.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Glee insiders dished that Quinn and Sam are done-zo!

Rachel and Finn split, so it makes sense that New Directions’ second hottest couple is next. Co-creator Ryan Murphy told Entertainment Weekly, “I got bored. They were too perfect.”

Who will the newest Gleek go for next? “He starts dating Santana. He needs a little salsa spice,” Murphy said.

He also added that Quinn will rebound with Finn! OMGlee, we can hardly wait!

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