First Look (And Listen)! Glee Does Born This Way!

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Oh, hey, remember that time that we told you that the “Born This Way” episode of Glee was gonna be huge? Like, so huge that it couldn’t even fit into its usual 60 minute slot? Yeah, it’s true. And it’s also true that we got our hands on a preview of the episode with the gleeks singing the song! It’s pretty short and not the greatest quality but eh, we’ll take it.

“I would love the opportunity to be on Glee.”

– Logen Hall


And you should too! Click on to watch a preview of “Born This Way” and more upcoming eps of Glee!

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Oh, and BTW, we found this video (below) when we typed in “Born This Way” and “Glee” on YouTube, but uh, we’re pretty sure this is not the gleeks actually singing the song. What kind of person pulls such a cruel prank!?

Do you think that “Born This Way” version is a joke? Are you excited for the “Born This Way” episode?! Is that even a question!? Tell in the comments gleeks!