O-M-Glee! The Gleeks Are Even Cuter In Bloopers Form (Video)

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There are no new Glee episodes until freakin’ September, so we’ll take whatever we can get right now when it comes to our fave gleeks. And that’s why we’re obsessed with and ROFL over this adorbs blooper reel from Glee. It’s sort of old (we’re talking 2010. Old school.), but you need to watch how adorable they are when flubbing their lines. And also, Chord Overstreet‘s George W. Bush impression is hilar, and there’s also Mark Salling in a wifebeater. Yup, pretty sure that covers it.

Click on to watch the vid!

Who do you think is the funniest gleek? What are you doing to hold yourself over until the show comes back in the Fall? The comments wanna know!