Glee Spoiler Alert! Is Blaine Joining New Directions?

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The answer to that is yes. And also no. Well, maybe. Ah, we’re not sure! We know that Kurt is on his way back to McKinley sometime in the near future (hopefully before the season 2 finale, please?!), and it’s only natural that Blaine follows his boyf and jumps ship, too. But is Blurt actually going to New Directions or is that just another Glee rumor?

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According to TVLine.com, Darren Criss isn’t exactly in a rush to leave the Warblers. He said:

“I don’t want to leave Dalton. I really enjoy it there. But it’s not my call. I’m happy to serve whatever story they want. But I just like being at Dalton too much. I don’t want to leave.”

Do you want him to leave? Do you think Blaine would be better at New Directions than he is as a Warbler? Tell us in the comments!