O-M-Glee! Behind the Scenes of the First Ep from Season 3! (Vid)

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Since the first Season 3 promo of Glee kinda left us hanging, this behind-the-scenes vid was def needed. There’s singing (obvs), dancing on top of tables, and interviews with three of our fave gleeks, Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer and Amber Riley. And from what they reveal, Glee‘s going back to basics meaning less tribute eps, more focus on the main characters, and going for the classics we all fell in love with. BUT, there are a few things we’re not loving about the season premiere…

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…like the lack of Chord Overstreet (which we knew was coming) and MIA Darren Criss (who’s off filming Imogene).

The season premieres at 8pm on Tuesday, September 20. Who’s writing it in their calendar now?! What are your thoughts based on the BTS vid? Leave your ideas in the comments.