10 Glee Actors Who Spoke Openly & Honestly About Their Sexuality

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Glee Actors Talked Sexuality


It’s been several years since Glee ended (sorry for the reminder) and we still can’t help but look back on it fondly as a show that was not only relatable, but that also brought awareness to a lot of issues that other TV shows didn’t cover. Teen pregnancy, interracial couples, bullying, drug use and coming out were only a few of the topics addressed on the series. And while it was definitely entertaining for viewers, it was also very educational.

Through all the years it was on television, Glee did an excellent job at covering LGBTQ+ issues in particular. Along with showcasing a variety of queer couples, there was also a “Born This Way” episode where the glee club performed some of Lady Gaga‘s hit songs and learned about the importance of acceptance. As amazing as the inclusivity was within the show, though, even more amazing is the fact that many of the actors also talked openly and honestly about their sexuality IRL, too. Wondering who? Take a look: