10 Reasons We’re Gleekin’ Excited for Glee: The 3D Concert Movie

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Um hello! As if Glee wasn’t a huge phenomenon already, now they’re turning the gleeks’ live summer concert tour into a blockbuster movie. In 3D. Which means you’ll get to wear those glasses and get an up-close-and-personal glimpse of all the hotties on the big screen. Not convinced yet? Here are the 10 reasons we are totally pumped up over the flick’s upcoming release, in theaters August 12th.

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10. Chord Overstreet in glorious 3D. He won’t be back as a series regular for season 3, so we might as well get a long, hard, mega-sized glimpse of Chord (aka Sam) on the big screen before he’s gone for good, right?

9. The Mini Warbler! The cutest kid to (kinda) hit Dalton got to see the show, and obvs he made it into the movie! We can’t wait to see him dance it out to “Teenage Dream” live and in person. And speaking of “Teenage Dream…”

8. Darren Criss. Plain and simple. We’ll swoon even more watching Blaine Anderson and the Warblers belt it out to “Teenage Dream” and “Raise Your Glass” live.

7. Darren Criss and Chris Colfer’s romance. Ok, last Darren thing, but we hear his character does a cute skit with Kurt during the show that’s too-cute-for-words. We’ll leave it at that.

6. Gwyneth Paltrow singing live. Sure, she did it at the Oscars this year, but watching Gwyneth as Holly Holliday up there on stage with the gleeks to perform “Forget You” just doesn’t compare.

5. Everyone else singing live. The New Directions sing amazingly well on the show but guess what? They sing just as amazingly live in concert. And we are pumped to hear the voices of Rachel, Kurt, and the rest of the gleeks in all their unedited glory.

4. Naya Rivera gets catty. But what else is new, right? She’s even got attitude at the show like she does as Santana on the show! Plus, her ode to Amy Winehouse is ah-mazing.

3. Heather Morris’ dancing. Girl’s got moves! And we can’t wait to see her epic live rendition of Britney Spears’ “I’m a Slave 4 U”

2. Behind-the-scenes deets. You’ll get a front row, uh, backstage ticket to the concert, where you’ll get to see Lea Michele’s vocal exercises and Harry Shum’s abs. Sign. Us. Up.

1. Jane Lynch. Yup, Sue Sylvester’s at the show, too, bringing her typical mean-spirited comments, plus “barf bags” for the audience in case they need to puke during the show. Ha! Also? She wears a tracksuit dress. Classic.

Don’t forget, the movie comes out August 12! Will you see it? Which song are you excited to see them perform? Tell us everything in the comments!