16 Bad-Ass Girls with Hidden Undercut Hairstyles You’ll Love

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Sometimes you want to be a little edgy while still maintaining a “professional” look when you need to. Enter: the hidden undercut. You look like you have a normal hairstyle, but once you pull it into a top bun or ponytail, the design is revealed, and you look like a total bad-ass who isn’t boring at all. It’s like a secret tattoo that you only show when you want (and that isn’t that permanent). In the past, we’ve seen the trend where girls shave the sides of their head in a more obvious way, but this hidden undercut is more discreet. You can go visit your grandmother without giving her a heart attack! It’s also great for girls who want to do something different but not too different.

The most recent undercut is more than just a close shave, though. It involves intricate styles and often creative coloring. Whether it’s stripes, triangles, or even a rose, women are electing to add some whimsy to their hidden undercuts. Some people even refer to them as #hairtattoos. Why get a real tattoo when you can have a temporary one shaved into your head? SCORE. It feels like a way to rebel against the norm without doing permanent damage.

If you’re a traditional girl, it might be fun to have a surprising cut under your longer hair that will throw people off. People will say, “I wouldn’t expect that from you!” Here are some bad-ass chicks rocking the hidden undercut look in different styles and colors:

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