12 Girl Problems Most Boys Will Never Understand

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Being a girl rules for lots of reasons. Reason number one being that this entire world couldn’t exist or continue without us. And how freaking awesome is that?!

But, unfortunately, these 12 problems that girls have to deal with also come with as a package deal. Ugh, most guys are so lucky.

1. The little boob space between shirt buttons. You can close it temporarily with a pin, but you can’t make it disappear forever. It’s always there, threatening to expose your laundry-day bra at any moment.

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2. Stupid jeans sizing. Seriously, guys get accurate measurements as their jeans sizes and we get literally whatever number the manufacturer felt like.

3. The complexity of choosing formalwear. Guys are all, “Suit, tie, decent shoes.” The female selection process is usually more along the lines of “Dress? Or skirt, maybe? No, definitely a snazzy pantsuit. Maybe fancy shorts? And now, for shoes…”

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4. Period cramps, duh. *dies*


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5. Also, childbirth. *dies once more for good measure*

6. The prices of pads and tampons. Which require, like, a separate job or something.

7. OB/GYN visits. Which don’t start until young adulthood, but then NEVER END after that.

8. Wage gaps. 🙁

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9. Being cat-called all day long. After a while, you start to get creative with how you roll your eyes in response.

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10. The balls of your feet hurting from bad heels. Shoes without platforms need to get it together.

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11. Being leery about walking alone at night. Quite unfortunately. Girls like starry nights, too.

12. Being called jealous if you criticize another girl. Grrr, has anyone considered that maybe the criticism is totally justified??

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