13 Celebrities You Totally Forgot Guest-Starred on Gilmore Girls

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The best part of Gilmore Girls was hands-down the snappy, quick-fire dialogue. Sometimes we just laughed because it felt like Lorelai would be disappointed if we didn’t, but not because we understood every one of her obscure references. However, the one thing that could possibly give the dialogue a run for its money is the sheer level of fame its guest-stars have since achieved.

This idea is probably best-enjoyed when re-watching the show. Because how fun is it to just be watching an episode like normal, when up pops someone who’s a full-blown celebrity now in a tiny guest spot? Don’t answer, because we’ve already got it covered. Very fun.

But, in case you don’t have several weeks to dedicate to combing every episode for the small guest roles of now-famous people, we’ve also got that covered. Here are 13 celebrities you totally forgot (or had no idea) had guest roles on this show!