12 Amazing Gilmore Girls Quotes That Perfectly Describe Your Life

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Gilmore Girls was the greatest TV show that there ever was for the ’00s girl. And, now that it’s been immortalized(-ish) on Netflix, it’s sort of the perfect TV show for every ’10s girl, and so on. Because, apart from featuring some of the best relationships ever to be filmed, it’s also got, like, the BEST script.

Sure, it’s funny and wittier than any of us could dream of being, even on our best day. But what’s really amazing about it is how freaking relevant it was. And what’s really, REALLY amazing about it is how perfectly those decade-old words still describe your life. Our vote is that it’s sorcery, but we’re open to suggestions. So, without further ado, prepare to have your life explained by these 12 amazing GG quotes. And then grab you a coffee at Luke’s.