17 Times Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik Gave Everyone Major #RelationshipGoals

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Nothing is better than when two of your fave celebs start dating. It’s even better when they give us a glimpse of their personal dating life through social media. Whether it’s sharing adorable vacay photos on Instagram or tweeting adorbs notes to each other, we love seeing how even the biggest celebrities have normal dating relationships. One couple that has been doing the most since they started dating in late 2015 is Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik.

The two have been the center of countless engagement rumors and have stuck together through times where they were called out for cultural appropriation. Through it all, the pair has given us a little glimpse into the world of Zigi that has made us shout #relationshipgoals. We’re sure you’ll feel the same after seeing the couple’s best social media interactions.

1. We wonder if Zayn’s hair is as soft and luscious as it looks.

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2. This supportive shoutout had us in tears, TBH:

Good luck tonight baby. @gigihadid

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3. Even celebs aren’t immune from taking adorbs Polaroids and posting them for the world to see, and we’re so glad that they aren’t.

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4. Who knew two words could be so cute?!

missing mine

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5. We were already jealous of Gigi because, you know, she’s a beautiful and talented supermodel who is dating one of the hottest guys in the world, but our jealousy intensified when she showed off Zayn’s birthday gift. A boyfriend who is cute and gets you cake? Sign us up!

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6. When Zigi works together, it creates magic like this! We honestly feel very #blessed because this photo exists:

7. Just looking at this photo makes us feel like we’re right on the beach with them:

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8. Honestly, we think our hearts stopped beating for a minute because of this:

squish ya

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9. Oh, they’re just casually in Vogue with Gigi’s BFF, Taylor Swift, on the cover. Totally normal.

the gang's all here! @zayn @taylorswift @voguemagazine on stands now

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10. We don’t know what’s more incredible: How they were able to achieve this or the fact that they still look PERFECT?

@voguemagazine by @mariotestino on stands in May!! xx

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11. Not only is this adorable, but they also look v snuggly and warm:

🙁 we love you always chub ???

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12. Is it weird that we’re kind of jealous of the cat?

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13. Just LOOKING at Gigi inspired Zayn — you can’t get cuter than that.

14. We may or may not have immediately ordered this shirt after he sent this pic out:

15. Sometimes you only need one word to express your love for your beau.

16. You know it’s real when you love someone as much as your pet.

17. And when Gigi’s inner fangirl came out over Zayn’s new album, we knew she was a keeper.

Zigi will always have a place in our hearts.