Gigi Hadid Forgot She Had 3 BFs in 2015, But Don’t Worry, Twitter Reminded Her

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Haters gon’ hate — Gigi Hadid learned that the hard way after posting a new picture of her boyfriend, Zayn Malik, on Twitter:

Although the 20-year-old supermodel is not featured in the black-and-white snapshot with the 23-year-old former One Direction hottie — whose new album drops tomorrow! But we digress… — that didn’t stop people from continuing to dismiss her relationship. One Twitter user in particular, @modelior, commented on the post, saying, “@GiGiHadid practice how to walk properly instead of having a new bf every 2 weeks.”

But, rather than let it slide, Gigi called out the hater, who has since deleted her tweet:

While this may seem like the ultimate clapback, more haters came out of the woodworks to remind her of the cold-hard truth:

Gigi Hadid Three Guys One Year

Gigi Hadid Three Guys One Year

To be perfectly fair, both Gigi and the aforementioned Twitter users are correct. Gigi dated Cody Simpson, on and off, from 2013-2015. After Cody, she linked up with Joe Jonas. Soon after, she started dating Zayn. So that’s three guys in three years — 2013-2015 — but that’s also three guys in one year — 2015. So… there you go. Honestly, it’s Gigi’s prerogative to date as many people as she wants, so everyone needs to get over it, no matter if she went out with three or 300 guys in one year.

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