Gigi Hadid Fans Seriously Crossed the Line With These Disgusting Notes

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Just because Gigi Hadid’s clearly comfortable with her body doesn’t mean she should be harassed with inappropriate messages about it on the daily. Unfortunately, some of the supermodel’s best friends understand what it’s like to get dirty tweets from fans constantly. But just because the girls can discuss the over-the-top notes they each read whenever they open Twitter doesn’t make them okay at all! Remember, just because the blonde beauty is famous doesn’t mean she’s still not just a regular 20-year-old girl… *cringes forever*

Here are some of the most WTF-worthy Twitter messages fans have ever sent Gigi:

1. Even if they did, pretty sure that wouldn’t happen…

2. Um, WHAT?! Why???

3. There’s laughter, but somehow it’s not funny.

4. And there it is.

5. Can you think of something else to ask for?

6. No.

7. Good lord!



8. Casual question…

9. Ewewewewewew

10. Pretty sure neither of the Hadid sisters will comply with this request.

11. TOO FAR!



12. #Poetry

13. Will you, though?

14. BLECK!

15. We appreciate the politeness here, but this question is still NOT okay!



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