Gigi Hadid Gets Serious Instagram Hate for Yet Another Racist Photo Shoot

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Girl is NOT having a good week. Though Gigi Hadid may still be in a relationship with Zayn Malik — word’s still out on that rn — the 21-year-old model made headlines across the entire Internet for the ~breakup~ because the couple has allegedly been fighting a lot. Whether or not that’s true, that has to suck to have your private life in the public eye.

To add insult to injury, she’s recently fallen victim to major hate on Instagram for what users are calling a racist Versace advertisement. Here’s the photo in question:

A photo posted by Versace (@versace_official) on

While some praised the progressive shoot for its inclusion of a biracial family, a good amount of others are not feeling the love, pointing out the dismal history black people have with chains:





Of course, this isn’t the first time Gigi was part of a controversial photo — in November 2015, she was on the receiving end of racist backlash for wearing an afro in Vogue Italia.

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