Gigi Hadid Accused of Racism After She Impersonates the Biggest Asian Icon

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This is a whole new level of problematic for Gigi Hadid. The 21-year-old supermodel is slowly starting to be known for the not-so-great things that come out of her mouth, and that’s a shame. Remember when she called Zayn Malik Middle Eastern when he’s actually South Asian? That caused a lot of backlash… but it was a geographical mistake on her part more than anything else. Her latest actions against the Asian community, however, are far more troubling.

Over the weekend, GH’s sister, fellow model Bella Hadid, posted a video on her Instagram story from pal Olivia Perez‘s birthday celebration; a video in which Gigi impersonates the most iconic of all Asian icons, Buddha. Watch here:

People on Twitter are now questioning whether G, who’s part Palestinian, is racist or, at the very least, ignorant:

This isn’t the first time Gigi’s been accused of racism. In 2015, people bashed the blonde beauty for appropriating black culture after she wore an afro during a photo shoot.
Gigi Hadid’s not the only celebrity to be unintentionally racist. Here are 18(!) others: