Gigi Hadid Lost a Shoe During a NYFW Show, But Continued on Like a Champ

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Gigi Hadid knows how to strut her stuff on the runway, even though she has a ~unique~ walk that has gotten her criticized in the past. While the blonde recognizes that she has to work perhaps a little harder than most supermodels because she is “flat-footed,” she’s basically a fashion-show pro at this point, having walked for brands like Chanel, Balmain, Victoria’s Secret, and many more. It is her ample experience that probably helped a LOT as she strutted down the Anna Sui runway during New York Fashion Week 2017 and — wait for it — lost a shoe.

TMZ obtained a clip of the 22-year-old emerging from backstage to the catwalk with a high heel on her left foot, and just a sock on her right. Luckily, Gigi didn’t panic despite literally being SO off balance. Instead, she stood up on her toes and just pretended like she had an invisible stiletto on. #pro

The missing shoe could be seen laying on the runway, close to where the models enter. We’re not sure if the crew just didn’t have time to get that second heel properly secured or what, but the blonde was forced to continue on through the finale looking like a high-fashion flamingo.

Gigi previously told Harper’s Bazaar that despite all her experience, she still get nervous before fashion shows.

“I’ve really been working on trying to get better and to learn from every show, so I take it as a learning experience, because I always want to do my best. But I think it’s always going to be nerve-racking for me. There’s always a little thing, like the shoes [are tight] or the dress is heavy or whatever, so that’s what you’re focused on, to make sure your walk is going to go well.”

Pretty sure losing a shoe mid-walk would definitely fall under the category of ‘nerve-racking mishaps,’ but Gigi didn’t let any OUNCE of anxiety show.